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MYV’s concept of service is divided into three main groups: Enhanced Geotechnical Exploration, Fast-Track Quality Control, and Geotechnical Analysis – Design. In the field of Geotechnical Exploration, MYV is striving to innovate while combining the use of the traditional (SPT, lab testing, etc.) with the State-of-the-Art (In situ testing such like: Marchetti Dilatometer DMT, Seismic Dilatometer SDMT, Piezocone CPTU, Pressuremeter PMT, and Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW)).

In the field of Fast Track Quality Control, MYV is using technological instruments to speed up and improve the quality control of construction materials such like fresh/hardened concrete (FCT, CTG), steel reinforcement (Profometer), and fill compaction (CIH, SASW). In the field of consultancy services, MYV includes the required to define a thorough geotechnical solution (from numerical analysis of the problem by means of FEM software/Excel Macros to preparation of plans and specifications (CAD drawings), including construction inspection services.

Our design services include the following geotechnical problems: landslides, retaining walls, footings, mat foundations, any type of piles, micropiles, ground improvement, and special problems.

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